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Bumble Diaper Bags
Bumble BagsŪ carries four diaper bag styles- Jessica Messenger/Backpack, Kimberly Tote Bag, Madeline Hanging Stroller Bag and the just released Changing Kit. Each print begins with a blank canvas and is hand created using water colors and colored pencils. The Bumble prints are exclusive to Bumble Bags.
Our Recommended retailer offers Free Shipping & Free Returns on all Products. We recommend you buy at this store for best Customer Support. Please click on the below link for details.
Car Seat Changing Kit Jessica
Kimberly Tote Madeline Stroller

Hot but Uncomfortable - These shoes are beautiful but they were really uncomfortable. I think you should order half a size up for it to be bearable. They will make any outfit look better! I wish I could have kept them but I pick comfort over pain any day. I know a comfortable 4" heel is possible because I have several. FABULOUS Shoe!!! My Guess Carrie shoes arrived yesterday and I was very anxious to wear them to work today. I didn't know it this morning, but I would end up wearing them for a full 12 hours. (It was a long day at the office.) As I was walking out of the office, it dawned on me that I was wearing brand new shoes - with pointy toes and 3 inch heels - and my feet didn't hurt a BIT! Not only are the shoes gorgeous, sexy, & hot, they're comfy, too! What a terrific and hard-to-find combination. I need a pair in every color! Thanks Zappos for another pair of great shoes.

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