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Hey - Did I get different boots from all the other reviewers? These are my 6th pair of Docs boots in 12 years (11th pair of Docs total), and I couldn't be much more disappointed. This awful leather is like plastic and isn't breaking in without cracking (and I know my stuff about boots.) If these weren't such totally hot, wicked kicks I would have returned them. The construction is great, just like all Dr Martens, but this leather is miserable. I finally took fine sandpaper to them and sanded the plastic coating off the leather (which crumbled off in white flakes) to get down to the real leather where they can absorb some conditioners, soften up, and hopefully break in. I want a pair of these boots in the grizzly or greasy finish instead of this stiff shiny plastic coating that these had. Working Out - My shoes are super cool and everyone compliments me all the time. It sucks to lace them up cause it takes forever, but kinda worth it once you get them. They were a little big too which sucked cause I didn't wanna send them back cause it would take so long. But overall I really like them and they're hot stuff. A CLASSIC! 20 Hole Doc Martens-The Little Black Dress - Always assured of comfort, style and versatility, these boots were made for walkin! I just returned from NYC, where I, along with 700,000 Marched agains the RNC. These boots provided me a comfortable walk, (M)arch support and I got a lot of compliments from New York's Finest. These are boots for any occasion, even airport security!  Tough, rugged, kick a** boots. I love these boots, especially the ritual of lacing the 20 eyelets! I've had them for about two years, took a little while to break them in, they were a bit stiff at first, but I never got any blisters from them. Highly recommended. Comfortable Boot for the Hard Core - I have been breaking this boot in slowly for about three weeks now and they feel great. Right out of the box, the fit was very good, although I recommend wearing thick boot socks with them, such as the calf-high Thorlo's. I also recommend a good leather conditioner followed by a preservative once a week for the first three or four weeks. The leather is very stiff and may pinch a bit 'til they're worn in. Other than that, I still get looks and compliments from co-workers. Go for it!

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