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The Best Shoe on the Planet - I have to say this is the best shoe ever. I bought my first pair of Doc's when I was in high school and have been hooked ever since. I got into the 20 eyes when I was going through my goth phase. I'm over that, but they come handy working in security. My first 20 eyes were ruined due to snow and rain because I didn't weather treat them. I'm ordering these and they will be treated. Overall the shoe is fantastic, but breaking the shoe in is torture. My heels were suffering big time. But once you break them in you won't want to wear any other shoe in your closet. The best money can buy - This boot is just about the top of it's kind, the tallest, best leather, boot Dr. M's makes. Hard to break in at first, but years of wear are ahead of you. I bought these for my husband to ride his motorcycle because they come up high enough to protect the lower leg from burns, road debris, and other probable nasties. Suitable for men because it features the orginal tread pattern, without the X's or the high heel. Tight laced - I have worn Doc Martens boots from being a young boy, about age 5. They were ankle boots. It all started because I used to kick off shoes so my parents put me in Doc marten boots which couldn't be kicked off. I think my parents liked to see me in boots and from that first pair I was not allowed any other footwear other than Doc martens boots. As I got older my parents brought new boots which gradually got higher up the leg and tighter laced. I did have one pair of trainers that I wore for games at school, but apart from these I was booted all the time. By the age of 11 I was in ten eyelet Docs which I had to lace tight to the top eyelets. I always had two pairs, one pair for school and play and the other for best. I then progressed to 14 eyelet boots by the age of 12. On outgrowing these just turning 13 years old, a teenager. My parents purcased the9663 series with the 20 eyelet high fastening. These felt really strange at first the feeling of my legs being encased to just below the knees and I was still made to tight lace them to the very tops. At first I found it difficult to walk as they were very stiff but now they are very comfortable. I wear them all the time, even on holidays, not having any other footwear. I own the predisesor to this boot, the 1962. I've had them for 5 years now, since then I've come to love Doc's and the long period it takes to break them in. You'd have to own these boots to understand what people mean when they speak of them. I now have 9 pairs (2-14eye, 1-8eye, 2-20eye, 4-4eye). So take it from me, these boots last FOREVER

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